Knowage is the FIWARE component for business intelligence and data analytics. Knowage supports a modern vision of the data analytics, providing new self-service capabilities that give autonomy to the end-user, now able to build his own analysis and explore his own data space, also combining data that come from different sources.

Knowage offers FULL ANALYTICAL CAPABILITIES, grouped into 6 different domains:

  • BIG DATA to work with big data sources and traditional ones, federating data sets to build different analysis such as: static reports, maps, network views, interactive cockpits and data/text mining models. Moreover, the user can freely explore his own data using a drag & drop query builder or having immediate insights thanks to advanced visualizations;
  • SMART INTELLIGENCE to work with traditional data sources, even combining more, to build analysis such as interactive cockpits, reports and multidimensional analysis (OLAP);
  • ENTERPRISE REPORTING to deliver punctual information to a diversified set of users, at the right time, according to a pixel-perfect and ready-to-print layout;
  • LOCATION INTELLIGENCE to plot business data over a map, over a space, over a schema, over a vectorial picture. The goal is the production of immediate insight with mash-up techniques and without moving data between GIS system and DWH environments;
  • PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT to define strategic scorecards, measure and evaluate performances through thresholds and from different point of views, considering goals and efforts, alerting for critical issues and giving facilities to make the reaction possible soon;
  • PREDICTIVE ANALYSIS to perform advanced processing using data mining techniques for forecasting and prescriptive purposes. Moreover, predictive analysis means also be able to simulate an action, evaluating its effects on different and related assets.

FIWARE users and developers can rely on Knowage for running analytics and performing business intelligence functions on the current and historic contextual data managed in smart applications. This will be essential to support the smart decisions required to improve existing processes.

The following pictures describe the main integration scenarios involving Knowage and the FIWARE ecosystem.

Knowage is capable to get data from the Context Broker and to display it in real-time.

Also historical analyses can be performed querying the context data storage system.

When KPIs are evaluated, notifications can be set to send alarms throught the Context Broker to other applications, that may apply their feedback logic (Knowage acts as a data producer in this scenario).

Knowage represents the next generation of the well-known open source business intelligence and analytical suite named SpagoBI after significant functional and technological transformations and a new offering model.

Knowage suite is also supported by Engineering Group, the leading Italian software and services company, with about 11,000 people and more than 65 offices worldwide.

For more details, please visit Knowage website.