Data Publication and Monetization

Publishing and consuming open data is a cornerstone for the development of applications and the creation of an innovation ecosystem. In this regard, this section explains how users (both end users and developers) can expose their data publishing it in CKAN, the Open Data publication GE.

CKAN is an open source solution for the publication, management and consumption of open data, usually, but not only, through static datasets. CKAN allows to catalogue, upload and manage open datasets and data sources, while supports searching, browsing, visualizing or accessing open data. CKAN is the Open Data publication platform that is most widely used by cities, public authorities and organizations.

In addition, this section also deals with how users can create offerings containing their published data so as to set access control policies and/or monetize it, using the FIWARE Store (Biz Ecosystem GE). This component allows the monetization of different kind of assets during the whole service life cycle, from offering creation to its charging, accounting and revenue settlement and sharing

You should note that at the time of writing this document, FIWARE offers two different types of data: context information and datasets, both supported by the FIWARE extended CKAN. In this regard, the following section explains what are the existing CKAN extensions build within FIWARE, and the architecture followed for the monetization of those resources.

If you are not interested in the technical details, the following sections explain how data and context information can be published in CKAN, what are the benefits of publishing your data in the FIWARE Store and the way of doing it.

If you want to start experimenting and doing hands-on work, have a look at: