Should you wish to learn much more about Core Context Management, please check out the following in depth documentation:


The following tutorials are available:

Fundamentals of Core Context

  101. Getting Started
  102. Entity Relationships
  103. CRUD Operations
  104. Context Providers
  105. Altering the Context Programmatically
  106. Subscribing to Changes in Context

Core Context Management: History

  301. Persisting Context Data (Mongo-DB, MySQL, PostgreSQL)
  302. Querying Time Series Data (Mongo-DB)
  303. Querying Time Series Data (Crate-DB)

Academy Courses

Video tutorials and slide decks are available for the following Generic Enablers:


Presentations about Core Context Management from recent FIWARE Global Summits:

Porto 2018 Malaga 2017
Context Information Management Introduction to Orion and NGSI API
How to deploy Orion
Cygnus and STH-Comet
Quantum Leap - Timeseries DB


Source code for all the Generic Enablers can be found within the FIWARE Catalogue GitHub repository:

The GitHub repository also includes additional information such as links to the official Docker Images