Should you wish to learn much more about connecting to IoT, robotics or third-party systems, please check out the following in-depth documentation about IoT Agents:


The following tutorials are available:

IoT Agents

  201. Introduction to IoT Sensors
  202. Provisioning an IoT Agent
  203. IoT over MQTT


  250. Introduction to Fast-RTPS and Micro-RTPS

Academy Courses

Video tutorials and slide decks are available for the following Generic Enablers:


Presentations about IoT Agents and Sensors from recent FIWARE Global Summits:

Porto 2018 Malaga 2017
Connecting to IoT FIWARE IoT Agents
Build your own IoT Agent Lightweight M2M IoT Agent in depth
Connecting LoRa with FIWARE TST Connected Solutions
Introduction to LoRa
Introduction to Fog Flow
Flog Flow enabled Data Sharing
OPC UA Agent
OpenMTC - OneM2M


Source code for all the Generic Enablers can be found within the FIWARE Catalogue GitHub repository:

The GitHub repository also includes additional information such as links to the official Docker Images

There are existing IoT Agents instances up and running available. These would be useful for testing purposes and for learning about how to interact between IoT Agents and Orion Context Broker.