You may want to incorporate advanced features in your web-based user interface, e.g., Augmented Reality or 3D visualization features. Then we recommend you to take a look to the FIWARE GEs that have been defined in the Advanced Web-based User Interface chapter. These components have recently been incorporated in FIWARE so we are also working on their integration with other FIWARE GEs. For example, you soon will be able to fill information linked to POIs (Points Of Interest) visible in your user interface using FIWARE Advanced Web-based User Interface GEs with context information provided by the Context Broker GE.

Furthermore, your web based user interface can be a real-time collaborative application utilizing the Synchronization GE. It features automatic synchronization of your application or UI data between multiple participants. This synchronization is already integrated with the 3D-UI GE so that your 3D web application is a multiuser space out of the box. This allows both the creation of collaborative applications such as project work spaces and meeting tools, and realtime multiplayer games.

The following diagram illustrates Advanced Web UI architecture and its GEs.

Advanced user

The diagram shows how all the GEs from the WebUI chapter fit and can be used together.

It is also possible and often suitable to use the GEs individually. For example, if you make a single user traditional form based GUI application for a mobile phone it can still use the POI GE for storing and retrieving geopositioned information over standard HTTP. Or if you wish to add 3D elements to your web page, without multiuser functionality nor extra data backends, you can just use the 3D-UI GE by itself.

You can use FIWARE LAB to test and develop on the advanced Web UI technologies. It is also possible to install them on your own machines and use web hosting services. For the Synchronization GE for multiuser collaborative applications there is a commercial hosting provider which is suitable for production use in business. Meshmoon is also free to try: you can create an own collaborative 3D scene in a minute!

Below we show discuss two different examples of using the Enablers WebUI:

If you want to start experimenting and doing hands-on work, have a look at: